About me

I am a software developer with 9 years of commercial experience including 6 years of full-time freelancing.

I live in Poland but almost all of my clients are from United States.

At the moment I work full time remotely for Ruvato LLC – a US based company.

My minimum rate is 50USD/hour. I love programming and I can be a great asset in your project but I also value my time. Please contact me only if you can offer at least 50USD/hour.

My main skills include:

  • Android apps
  • iOS apps
  • Deep learning and Google TensorFlow
  • Crypto platforms: BitCoin, Ethereum, EOS, NEM
  • PHP/Python backends
  • Amazon Web Services and complex server infrastructure administration
  • Team leading

I can work on every layer of almost any project. I am always interested in how everything works. I prefer to work on projects where I can learn a lot of new things as opposed to ones where I already know in detail what all components are doing and how they function together.

Some of the recent reviews I received from my clients on freelancer.com (my username there is re4ct0r):

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I live in Skierniewice, Poland:

My background

I was born in 1985. When I was 14 I took a Logo language programming class. I then discovered I was very good at it and I was able to learn it really fast even though I have never tried any programming before. I was also very interested in creating more and more complex programs in that language at home even though I was not required to do so. I then realized I want to become a programmer.

I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Lodz where I earned my Master’s degree. Both Mathematics and Computer Science classes were fascinating to me and I finished my journey there as one of the top students. Every year I was awarded highest possible scholarship for outstanding academic performance. One thing that is not related to my current career but might be worth mentioning is that while being a student I participated in Work and Travel program. During that program I spent almost 4 months in USA working in Noah’s Ark Water Park in Wisconsin Dells. At the end of the program I was selected as one of the hardest working employees of the park and was awarded with a laptop computer.

1 year before receiving my Master’s degree (on July 2009) I started working at Mobica (https://www.mobica.com) where I mostly learned Android programming and all the processes that you have to follow in a company. While working for Mobica I was offered an opportunity to work for ARM (the microprocessor technology company). I have accepted that offer and I worked in ARM office in UK for 1 year where I learned a lot about creating graphics drivers for mobile devices.

At the beginning of 2012 I decided I want to have the freedom of working from home and in May 2012 I quit my job to become a freelancer which is what I am doing up to this day. I was prepared for a slow start and having many months without or with very little income. However it turned out that the switch was much easier than I expected. On the second month of my freelancing career I started earning more than what I was paid at Mobica and it is only getting better every year as I strive to learn new skills all the time and provide as much value to my clients as I possibly can.

During my freelancing carreer I learned many new skills like: interacting directly with the client, iOS development, complex server infrastructure administration on Amazon Web Services, complex SQL database administration, several MVC web frameworks, software architecture planning, how businesses work in more detail, how people make money on their businesses, team leading and the most recent addition to my skills is deep learning and Google TensorFlow. On 2012 in my free time I created an Android brain game called “Pushing Machine” on which I spent about 160 hours in total and which has so far earned about 10000 USD from ads and still making money as thousands of people are playing it every day.

My interests are very much related to my work. I am interested in mathematics and how computers and software work in detail. I have also always been interested in artificial intelligence although this was just based on movies, tv series and books until 1 year ago (it is 2017 when I am writing this) when I noticed that there are opportunities to actually work on AI related projects. I am now working on a big project AI related project for a client. This will take several months of my time. I consider this my biggest achievement so far as AI is a field where I can combine my mathematical, my programming skills and my fascination about artificial intelligence.

Where I see myself in 5 years:
Working on a big AI project which solves an important problem for millions of people. Possibly as a team leader.